Shadows In The Woods Game

Shadows In The Woods Game

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A cooperative game for children 5 years plus, with adult supervision due to the candle. A real hit in our household - a magical game.

Front Game: The dwarfs hide in the shade of the trees and are sought by the wandering light. In the dark, the burning tealight wanders through the forest looking for the little dwarfs in their shadow hiding places. If a dwarf is hit by a ray of light, it is enchanted and must not move. The other dwarfs try to redeem him. For this they have to wait until the light has moved far enough away so that another dwarf in the shadow can reach him. The dwarfs all want to meet under a tree while the candle tries to charm all the dwarfs. Who will win?  

Back Game: The dwarfs avoid the shadows in the forest and jump over the fire. The light stays in its place. The dwarfs must wander through the shadows and jump over the fire. If you stay in the shade, wait until a player flashes a beam of light and helps him to do so. The game is over when all the dwarfs have come home safely.

The simple and the fairytale forest shadow game contain the same games with the same rules. The simple forest shadow game has a thin, folded green-brown game board and comes in a box.

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7 - 8 years

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Care - Untreated wool brands: Engel, Selana and Cosilana are made of untreated merino wool which ideally needs hand washing. Wash very gently by hand in water that must stay the same cool temperature both for washing and rinsing. Changing temperature can shock the wool and shrink it. You should use a special soap for wool or shampoo. Stretch the wool into shape when wet, and pull lengthwise and lay flat to dry. 

Many people, including us wash untreated wool on a gentle cold machine washing on a wool or hand wash program. This is at your own risk and you need to be sure your machine actually washes and rinses at the stated temperature, and it is very important to use a wool detergent! If you are planning to wash it in the machine it may shrink a bit length wise, to prevent this happening stretch it lengthwise when it comes out of the machine and perhaps buy a bigger size than otherwise. If you use the machine to spin items, the revolutions must be below 400.

Stretch the wool into shape when wet and dry flat. Never wring it! Especially wool fleece can be destroyed by wringing!

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Shadows In The Woods Game

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