Polka Dot Club

Handmade with patience and care, 
is a collection of heritage

toys created by second-generation teddy bear maker Jennifer Murphy. Membership is open to all who relish 
the simplicity of childhood, 
find pleasure in handmade playthings, love natural fibers, treasure objects made with care, and/or love PolkaDots.

Inspired by traditional craft, the Polka Dot Club and Misha and Puff both pay homage to the past but make wholly modern pieces for children today. Their relationship grew out of a reverence for each other’s work, a deep consideration and care for the way our designs are made, and true friendship. Out of this came our first collaboration: Each piece is lovingly hand made in Peru, with patience & care.

We believe in making beautiful, functional pieces to last forever. Every day, we create the world we want our children to live in. Everything counts. This is one way we contribute to that world.