BOCK Cph is a Copenhagen based brand for children founded in 2008 by Lisbeth Bock.
From the start our business idea has been to offer long lasting kids clothes based on their core values; simplicity, sustainability and quality. The core values are visual in all of their products.
They have an international and minimalistic approach, and the designs are all timeless, honest and classic. BOCK Cph uses balanced colors and remarkable high quality materials to create unique styles.
BOCK Cph strives to bring the best materials into children’s wardrobes and is known for using incomparable soft merino wool. A natural and functional material suitable for everyday use as it is machine washable.
Their collection contains a wide range of ongoing styles – they call them “Evergreens”. These evergreens stem from their ideas of sustainability, as a classic quality piece of clothing can easily be handed down to a sibling – or even into the next generation. That is true sustainability!
For BOCK Cph kids fashion is all about; being dedicated about the quality of materials and design, in order for the kids to be comfortable and beautifully dressed – they believe in simple and long-lasting clothes.

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