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OwlFolk Application



Calling all Small Brands & Makers

10 years ago this Autumn I took a leap of faith and created MamaOwl, I dreamt of a one stop shop for beautiful and natural things for my baby, and my photojournalist career was proving difficult to combine with motherhood.

I started with just 9 boxes of Engel in my spare bedroom, It hasn’t been easy, there have been tough years and a lot of hard learning, but I am proud that today MamaOwl is a healthy business supporting my team and a lot of makers and brands all around the world and with the most supportive community. 

When I was small and starting out I received help and advice from some fantastic people along the way, with that in mind I would like to pay it forward by sharing the success of MamaOwl with some smaller brands and makers, giving them a platform to sell on and advice to grow their business. 

This September we will be launching our new OwlFolk.

A place where each year we offer up to 5 small businesses/makers/crafts people a chance to join the MamaOwl family. I look forward to discover some amazing new things. 

Here is the deal:

  • We will buy stock from you to sell and talk about why we love it on our blog and social media. 
  • We will guarantee you 6 months on the MamaOwl website. 
  • I will also provide advice, answer questions and give suggestions. 

What we are looking for:

  • Any small brands and makers of any product that fits in with the MamaOwl ethos and that we can safely ship.
  • A price range that fits ours. 
  • It does not have to be clothes and it does not have to be wool is does however have to be:
      • Sustainable
      • Ethical
      • Natural
      • Beautifully designed

Please note the deadline for applications closed midnight Tuesday 26th July.