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Disana or Engel?

Disana or Engel Outerwear

Both Engel Fleece and or Disana Boiled Wool are such great choices for outerwear. Both are 100% organic merino wool, but one has been knitted and fleeced and the other is boiled.

We get asked a lot about the difference and what is best.
So we thought this may help! Feel free to ask questions. 

What should I choose?
It comes down to an individual’s preference and purpose of use really. The Disana boiled wool is more rugged and the Engel wool fleece is more lightweight and cosy. If your child is active and does a lot of outdoor play, the Disana boiled wool can stand up to a lot but if they spend a lot of time in a buggy, being carried or just needing that extra softness then Engel is perfect for snuggling. Older kids who don't like many heavy layers also love the Engel fleece jackets as they are so lightweight but still warm.

For really cold weather you can make the perfect combination with a Disana jacket on top of an Engel fleece. (This would not work so well in the suit as Disana is more slim fit than Engel).

Engel's wool fleece is soft and fairly light weight but don't confuse this to mean it is thin or not very warm. When layered appropriately, this fabric has amazing insulating properties.
Disana's boiled wool is a more dense fabric and slightly heavier like a duffel coat material. Just like you have put your favourite sweater on a very hot wash.

Neither of the wool suits we sell are waterproof as they have had no chemical treatments to the fibre to enable them to be so. They are organic, pure and natural. They are both water repellent and water will pearl and run off them. However both work well when used with a waterproof shell over the top. Disana's boiled wool can withstand being sat on damp leaves and the odd rain shower. 

Engel's fleece is fine for snowy walks but if the snow is still falling or if it is very damp or rather windy, you may want something a little more resistant such as the Disana boiled wool, which is slightly more windproof and also able to resist the damp better. The Engel wool fleece wins for insulation here as it traps the warm air in its fleece pile and provides a great amount of warmth for use all through Winter. We also put waterproofs on top of the Disana boiled wool but it will be slightly less warm than the Engel with a waterproof combination.

Both items are best hand washed cold and not put in the washing machine. One of the benefits of wool is that it resists dirt fairly well and does not require regular washing. You can just hang it up and air it, to keep it fresh and spot clean it when necessary with a wool wash liquid and cold water. (Machine washing is at the customers risk as not all machines are sensitive to washing untreated wools).

If it's covered in mud let it dry and then burst it off.