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All of Us Crayons

From the founder of All of Us Crayons:

My name is Sabine, founder of All of Us crayons and I am so grateful you are here.

I believe, with all of my heart, when we embrace the diversity of human beings, we are allowing ourselves to live fully and receive all the tools that connect us to joy, love and true abundance. 

The mission of All of Us Crayons, is to nurture the growth of the many seeds of inclusion that accompany us daily, as we navigate through this confusing world. I hope that All of Us Crayons can bring unity - in full consciousness - in support of the growth, creativity and acceptance of the magical children in our community. 

Founders Story

In 2020, my daughter asked me to draw a photo of Grandma, and I couldn’t. Grandma had deep beautiful brown skin and I didn’t have a deep beautiful brown crayon colour.

So I searched the internet for beeswax skin tone crayons and I couldn't find any. Bummed, I looked up a beeswax crayon recipe to see if I can make a set for our home. I found one, and created a simple set that week and thought "hmm I would love to give a set away because every home should have this."


Even though I never intended to start a crayon brand, I wouldn't trade this job for the world. Making sure every one of our children understands that they are perfect - just as they are, is what I have been put on this Earth to do.

I hope these crayons can plant seeds of kindness, acceptance and unity – and most of all, friendships. Even if the friendships are just on a piece of paper.

Because, I promise you, from the bottom of my heart - it matters.

Thank you for being here, and thank you for honouring the skin tones of our diverse world.

With love, joy and an abundance of gratitude,