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Wool Lovers Series - Maria Franck

I am Maria Franck, from Denmark, I am 35 years old and I am the mother to three little girls - Olivia, 9, Elinor, 6. Oda, 2. I am a freelance photographer, working with different Danish brands and I also share my family life and photography on my Instagram profile @mariafranck


All of my children are born in the autumn in Denmark and I have dressed them in wool layers from my very first days of motherhood and I still do. Denmark is cold from September to April, wool has kept my children warm and comfortable so we can enjoy the outdoors. 

The benefits of wool are amazing - I love that it is a natural material, that it is breathable and that it helps my child keep a steady body temperature during the day. I appreciate how durable the material is and that each garment can be passed on from child to child - which also make wool a sustainable choice. And I love that wool doesn't wrinkle, as I hate ironing. 

I love that when my kids are dressed in wool I can kiss them goodbye and send them off to school and kindergarten knowing that they will be warm, well-fed and happy. 

Wool has a winter reputation, but it is actually excellent all year round. Even In the warmer months wool wicks moisture away from the skin, helping keeping my children cooler and drier. In Summer time I prefer to dress them in a wool/silk blend - which is a bit lighter. 

When selecting clothes for my children I go for things that I know is good quality and that they will love to wear, my girls are sensitive to uncomfortable fabrics and I also want to make sure that the clothes is durable enough to be passed on from child to child. 

ENGEL is an absolute essential in my children's wardrobe. The fleece suit is my favourite piece for babies. I love the earthy tones of the Siskin by Engel, the hazelnut colour being my favourite. I also like the Merino/Silk Siskin Pointelle. 

Danish brand FUB is a personal favourite of mine and has been since I became a mother. I love their timeless design and the high quality of each piece of clothing.

My girls have also been using Cosilana's under layers for a few years now. The light feel of the wool/silk/cotton blend is very comfortable and will keep them warm.