YKRA product care

To care for your YKRA product, it is suggested that you wipe it clean only, do not bleach, do not tumble dry, do not wash.

YKRA products should be spot cleaned with a clean damp cloth when needed. These items should not be submersed in water as it may mark the canvas or the leather. The cotton canvas used is not waterproof and intense rain may damage your backpack, or contents. Therefore YKRA strongly suggest that you waterproof the canvas if you will be using this product in rainfall or damp environments. This can be done by using their Magic Beeswax, impregnating wax. The Leather details should be avoided when using wax. Please note, that we do not recommend to use the beeswax for white or natural color canvas as the natural yellowish color of the beeswax might discolour the product.