Tortoise & the Hare

Tortoise & the Hare's sewing studio is tucked into the hillside of Lancaster, Pennsylvania farm where Rosina's children are the 4th generation to live. 

They practice lean manufacturing to avoid unnecessary waste and overproduction. It's important to them that they use natural resources wisely, so with each collection they offer a variety of products so as to use up even the tiniest scraps.

Their clothing is made from natural fibers with their favorites being made of linen, hemp, and wool. All textiles that do not require pesticides and/or are regenerative.
They use eco-friendly dyes that are 100% natural and plant-based and entirely biodegradable. Rainwater is used to dye their garments and the afterbaths are used for compost or to fertilize local fields which in turn benefits local ecosystems.

They are passionate about the health of our planet and strive to create clothing that is good for your skin, the earth, and your child's future.