The Den Kit Company

As The Den Kit Company has grown, so has the team behind. Each one with a vital role in maintaining the integrity of the company’s vision: to inspire wonder and intrigue in the next generation through creative, fun and unprescribed outdoor play. 


The Den Kits have been designed to encourage children outside. Whether it is a small backyard, on top of a hill, in a meadow, field, forest, park, beach or balcony. A hand-crafted space in which to set up a temporary retreat is tempting to children of all ages. No single use plastic, no batteries, no complicated instructions, this is inclusive, simple and unadulterated fun. 

The Den Kit Company is based in an old dairy surrounded by farmland and woods that offer the ideal backdrop to their photoshoots. All products are designed and tested by their expert team of young dengineers, sourced with sustainability in mind and assembled in their workshop in Shropshire.