Tales of Forest Folk

Molly, founder of Tales of Forest Folk, bought her first crochet hook 12 years ago. It was the endless possibilities that you could create from one single hook and ball of yarn that inspired her. She felt she had found an art form where she could express and bring her love for nature alive.  Over the years she made crochet pieces for her family and friends but in 2019 she decided to turn her passion into a business. Tales of Forest Folk was born. Her business is ever evolving and we are excited to showcase her work at MamaOwl. 

Tales of Forest Folk is all about decorations for nature tables, festivals and celebratory occasions. Her work is inspired by her passion for connecting with nature and the love she has of working with natural fibres. Molly’s ideas usually come to her directly from something that has inspired her on her outdoor encounters with nature or browsing through her endless collection of new and vintage fairytale books, she adores Elsa Beskow story books. 

She then takes her idea to the sketching board and draw her designs which allows her to play around with colours, shape and textures. 

The next step is choosing materials with the right depth in colour and shade to reflect the original inspiration for the idea. Molly has spent many years sourcing sustainable, eco friendly and organic products that echos the beautiful tones in nature as closely as possible. 

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Next step is crochet the designs to life. All Tales of Forest Folk decorations are handmade, and handmade is creating something unique and individual, each piece having slight variations, quirks and subtle differences. Each piece is truly special.