Senger Naturwelt

Senger Naturwelt was founded by Volker Senger and his wife Sabine Senger. They met in Berlin. Volker Senger’s mother had a clothing factory in Obersinn but had retired leaving a room full of sewing machines. The couple was not interested in ready-made clothing, so they started making dolls on the side on a whim. Neither one of them was a specialist, Sabine Senger was a bookseller specialising in children books, and Volker Senger had completed an apprenticeship as a tailor but never worked in the industry.  In the beginning the dolls that they created was not special and seen everywhere, just using ready-made things. 

Kenneth Grahame’s The Wind in the Willows had a big influence on Sabine Senger when it came to the mouse family. You travel through the forest, experiencing the strangest adventures. Sabine wanted to make a nice birthday present, a stuffed animal. She made a sketch and it became a mouse. They put their mouse head on a normal doll body. The mouse was gifted and loved more than anything. The doll was introduced in the shop and other children wanted it too. 

The first Senger mouse was 45cm tall. The Senger animal family grew, an elephant was added, and later the rabbits. It is important that Senger toys are made from natural materials that are free from harmful substances, and are produced in an environmentally friendly manner. 

The velvety fur for the animals is hand-woven from pure organic cotton.The cuddly toys are stuffed full of sheep’s wool. Every material used in the creation of Senger toys is thoughtfully thought through. 

The brand is proud of their long lasting relationships with their suppliers providing quality regionally and from Germany.