Sarah's Silks

Sarah’s Silks is a family owned business specialising in Waldorf inspired sustainable toys children. The Sarah’s Silks family is brought together to inspire the imagination of children around the world through open-ended toys from natural, earth-friendly materials.  

Play Clips are made by incredible crafts people, who are consciously minimising waste by designing and cutting wooden toys in earth-friendly ways. Any sawdust or leftover wood pieces are donated locally to families in need of winter kindling. 

Sarah’s Silks is Habotai, an ancient product from China. Silk making is an ancient tradition that is indigenous to China, and is still an important and celebrated process in Chinese culture today. Sarah’s Silks are woven, dyed, and sewn in Suzhou, a beautiful city long renowned for its silk culture. 

One of Nanchong’s primary agriculture products is silk worms. Sarah’s Silks is produced on family farms, and is an ancient, traditional product of the area. 

Sarah’s Silks have been working with some of these factories since the early days of Sarah’s Silks. They are medium sized, family-run businesses that have grown with Sarah’s Silks for over 20 years, in turn helping each other to shape the business that Sarah’s Silks is today.