Quincy Mae

Quincy Mae offers tonal colours, minimal print patterns and soft fabrics for babies and toddlers. Each collection is filled with easy to wear silhouettes and everyday basics. The minimalist approach to print combined with soft wearable colours is a feature of Quincy Mae and has the brand stand apart since its inception.

Kelli is the Co-Founder and Creative Director, she welcomed her third baby, Quincy Mae, in 2017. She quickly noticed a gap in the market for quality organic baby essentials in her signatures colour palette, which led to her second brand, Quincy Mae, launched in the fall 2018. 

Kelli is also the co-founder and designer for the children’s brand Rylee + Cru, inspired by her two older children. She started Rylee + Cru in 2014 out of her own desire to see something on the market she couldn’t find herself. Clothing that suited her own personal taste in colour, art, and silhouettes.