Quelle Est Belle

Designed by François Morel who is a nature lover, specialist of birds and completely self-taught. Living in the mountains of the Drôme, in France, he creates and makes bird-calls with his daughter.

For more than 40 years, he has been inventing and producing and educative games for pleasure and because he feels that one must "know nature better so as better to protect it". Slowly and conscientiously created, made of choice materials following craftsmen's methods, these bird-calls can imitate the bird's song, like 
The different wood species are chosen for their influence on the quality of the sound. The shapes also contribute to the right sound, as well as to bring beauty to the product.
It takes sometimes years to create a new item of bird-call ; it requieres listening, invention, love...
That's why these bird-calls are real fruits of craftsmanship, they 
are also considered as collectors' items, being beautiful by 

Made in France.