Pure Pure

Organic merino wool and organic cotton, these hats and mittens are beautiful accessories guaranteed to be toxin free.

GOTS-certified products to reach ambitious goals in terms of ecology, sustainability and fairness. Pure Pure is a GOTS-certified hat manufacturer that is proud to meet these strict ecological and social standards from the production of raw materials to the conditions throughout the entire manufacturing chain. 

Organic whether rugged or extra fine qualities. Pure Pure is convinced that the use of renewable materials is the best way to fulfil their responsibility towards the environment. 

Pure Pure products provide the necessary UV protection. Their qualities are tested according to the Australian-New Zealand standard and offer high to very high UV protection. And without any chemical treatment. Pure Pure’s dense weaves and intensive colours protect just naturally.  

Pure Pure is a member of the German Sustainable Business Association (BNW). This is an ecologically oriented business association. Pure Pure take responsibility for our climate and compensate their CO2 footprint with primaklima by planting trees. In addition through European production sites and avoidance of overproduction, they save CO2.