Oh Chapô product care

Wool comes with a natural layer of lanolin, which makes it water-repellent & stain-resistant. Due to its richness of lanolin it’s not necessary to wash very often, instead let it air ! This saves the environment from unnecessary washing and will extend the life of your woollens.

When the time comes to wash your Oh Chapô accessory, hand washing is recommended.

Briefly swirl around a little in plenty of lukewarm water, squeezing gently, using a mild detergent specially designed for wool, then rinse in water of the same temperature. Do not put in the tumble drier or on radiators as this will make the wool hard, brittle and felted. We recommend squeezing (not wringing) the products in a towel after rinsing, pulling them into shape while wet and drying them flat.

DO NOT: Rub, wring out or spin, expose to changes in temperature (first warm water then cold, or vice versa). Do not soak.