Living Kitzbühel

Living Kitzbühel was founded in 2006 as a subsidiary of the traditional Loden manufacturer, Moessmer AG. Using the world famous 'Loden' and 'Walk' (boiled wool) fabrics produced by Moessmer AG, the foundations of a new lifestyle brand were created: Living Kitz- bühel.

Surrounded by the Kitzbühler Alps, the operational headquarters of Living Kitzbühel is located in the world famous ski resort of Kitz- bühel.

Innovative ideas, creative design, original materials and undoubtedly the highest quality standards have produced a new generation of slippers and created a premium class lifestyle product. All based on the natural materials, boiled wool and loden.

The upper material used in Living Kitzbühel slippers is 'Walk'. 'Walk' consists of 100 % wool and is a pure natural product and thus offers all the benefits of pure wool - breathable, temperature-balancing and comfortable to wear!

The soleunit is revolutionary! After rigorous testing a newly developed, wafer thin rubber with the highest flexibility and significantly better than any conventional latex sole, was decided upon. This leads to a much longer life span of the footwear.