Kraul is a family owned toy making business.  

Walter Kraul inspired by his work as a Waldorf teacher at the Rudolf Steiner School in Munich and numerous nature experiences with his children, created cable cars and waterwheels which – timeless as they are – are still an important part of Kraul’s product range today.

A basic concept was established, which was finally consolidated when Walter Kraul took over the company in 1976: Toys with the elements earth, water and air, to which the fourth element fire could be added with the development of the candle seesaw and the game „shadow in the woods“. The increasing business activity led to the transformation of the company into the „Walter Kraul GmbH“ with the partners Walter and his wife Margarethe in 1988.

Kraul attach great importance to high-quality products and environmentally friendly production. They use local woods and high-quality materials. Almost everything is produced and packed in Germany to guarantee high social and quality standards.

Many Kraul products have been awarded by the ‚Spiel Gut®‘ working group, which evaluates toys not only for their educational quality, but also for their environmental compatibility. Also rated very well by Ökotest.

Kraul wants to develop high-quality toys and use them to make nature and technology playfully tangible and understandable. Those who have learned to appreciate nature can learn from it, use it and preserve it for future generations.