FUB make contemporary classics with a clean conscience.

For more than 10 years FUB have been designing timeless knitwear for people who care. Always working with pure clean materials of the best quality.

FUB believe that most people – children or adults - like to wear clothes that feel good and allow them to move freely. Instead of dressing right or dressing up, FUB just wants you and your kids to dress for life.

Founded in 2006 by Anne Sofie Olrik and Lotte Bundgaard, FUB makes classic, comfortable and sustainable knitwear for women and children. Every item is carefully created and produced with a demanding regard for details and craftsmanship. The collections are purely made of OEKO-TEX® certified merino wool and GOTS certified organic cotton.

FUB is anchored in the subtle aesthetics of the North (DK) with a desire to create quality knitwear in pure materials without compromising on design or comfort. In a time where fast fashion gets a lot of attention, FUB dares to oppose passing trends with classic designs that never outdate. The focus for designer Anne Sofie Olrik is to create clothes that last more than a season. She makes high demands on the materials used and emphasizes both timeless design and durable quality that allow the clothes to be worn again and again. 

Every season the basic colours are discrete with a twist. In every collection the classic shades like ecru, navy and grey are combined with a few carefully selected colours that match the trends of the season and add a lively contrast to the classic FUB look.