Eastern Woven

Eastern Woven was founded by siblings, Emre and Sule and their beautiful towels are woven by a relatives family atelier that has been weaving silk, linen and cotton for five generations in a village in Hatay (a city in South of Turkey). They have old style semi automatic looms which they work on with both cotton and linen fibres, either on their own or combined together. The tassels are all knotted by hand after the length has been woven, then the first washing happens at this point. Washed towels are hung to air dry, which is the best drying method for them. True Turkish Hammam towels, made simply for everyday use, for whatever use you have for it. From a towel to a table cloth, a picnic blanket or a beach cover up. These items will become a part of your everyday life, in styles that suit all homes, interiors and tastes.