Cosilana are engaged in an environmentally responsible production. Their cotton is ecologically controlled. The wool and silk used are also treated by strictly ecological principles.
At the same time they are able to guarantee constantly high quality, natural garments through modern production, know-how from several decades and production facilities managed by the owners.
Cosilana produce in the southern part of Germany and guarantee the highest quality in production. The yarns used are being regularly controlled by certified laboratories to avoid potential residues.

'The future of our children is in our hands'.
Cosilana remind us that environmentally conscious behaviour increases our quality of life. In addition to a healthy and pollution-free diet, we can improve our personal well-being by environmentally-friendly textiles. Our skin is our largest and most important organ. Natural washing of Cosilana helps to protect the skin and stay healthy.

It is their aim to produce a natural, healthy and eco-friendly product. High quality at a fair price.