Cam Cam

Cam Cam Copenhagen creates premium, sustainable interior design.

They are a family-owned company, by Danish architect couple Sara & Robert. Throughout their careers as architects, they have created architecture with the ambition to design sustainable buildings that embodied a design and material quality that would be appreciated for generations to come. Their approach to product design is the same. Timeless design, built upon a classical tradition of quality, combined with contemporary methods of sustainable production, and always living up to the strictest safety standards. Sara and Robert have four children and live and work in Copenhagen.

With a signature aesthetic combining contemporary Scandinavian simplicity with a classical architectural heritage, poetic prints and a delicate colour palette, Cam Cam Copenhagen offers enriching environments for families. From small everyday essentials to furniture meant to last a lifetime. The seasonal colours and patterns are consistently designed to fit into the aesthetic of the overall collection, ensuring that the products complement each other and create a harmonious and beautiful universe uniting the functional and the refined.

Sustainable thinking, high-quality organic materials and timeless silhouettes form the essence of Cam Cam Copenhagen’s heartfelt philosophy of designing not only for the here and now, but for generations to come