The idea of Boob was born in Stockholm in 1999 on a cold and windy autumn day when founder Mia Seipel watched her sister breastfeed her newborn son with the cold wind sweeping around her bare waist. Mia realised that mothers, the superheroes that they are, deserve the right attire. 

Boob maternity collection has become a favourite among mothers all over the world. Boob offers a complete and carefully thought-through wardrobe with a smart double function for pregnancy and nursing. 

When you buy a garment from Boob, you buy a product that has been produced with care. Boob makes clothes for the future and cares for the production, the people and the environment. The clothes are designed to be used, washed, and loved over and over again. Boob is a GOTS Certified company. 

For Boob it is important to be able to ensure that products do not contain any harmful chemicals. Boob’s first choice is materials that are certified according top Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX. This means that they have been tested for hazardous and illegal substances. A guarantee the clothes can be worn safely against the skin.