Blundstone was founded by John Blundstone in 1870 with the idea of creating footwear that could withstand the cobbled city streets, rugged farmland, dance and factory floors of Hobart, Tasmania. 

Since the beginning of Blundstone the business has changed but the brand’s ethos remain the same. Blundstone’s commitment to quality and innovation has endured the Great Depression, both world wars, and an ever-changing fashion landscape from the swinging 60’s to 90’s grunge to festival fashion in the 2000s. 

The range of kids boots has inspired a new generation of Blundstone wearers to jump puddles on rainy afternoons. Blundstone continues to get inspired by the people who wear their boots. 

In the 1060’s the iconic #500 series was born. These boots are true originals. The sole design has evolved over time to incorporate new technology, but the overall design of their distinctive pull-up tab Chelsea boots continue to define the brand. 

Today, Blundstone boots are worn and loved around the world by people of all ages for work and play. The brand is still proudly family-owned and and headquartered in Tasmania.