Angulus product care

Depending on the leather, most Angulus shoes just require a gentle wipe with a damp cloth, to keep dust and dirt off the leather. Heavier scuffs can be polished with a good quality leather polish if needed but we do not recommend the use of waterproofing sprays or treatments as these shoes have been carefully made without harmful chemicals.

TEX footwear (made with a waterproof membrane) should not be submerged in water, neither during use or cleaning. If the boots get wet or damp, they should be left to dry out thoroughly before wearing again. Air dried naturally, away from a heat source.

Leather is a natural material, the tone of the skins can vary even within the same dye batch. You may receive a product that is either lighter or darker than the images depict. Leathers change over time and use and they will develop their own unique patina through wear. This is not a fault of the product but a part of its unique quality and one of the beauties of using this natural material. Your leather footwear will age beautifully with care, adding character to your product.