Ailefo product care

Ailefo organic modeling clay should be stored in the original tubs with the lid on, when not played with, to avoid drying out.
Ailefo organic modeling clay in transparent tubs shall be stored in the original cardboard tube, to avoid the natural colours from fading. However the colours will darken and fade over time.

If Ailefo organic modeling clay is beginning to seem a little dryer when played with (the oils will be transferred to the playing hands over time), add regular food oil to the clay till you have the clay as soft as you like. Dryed out figurines can NOT be recovered by adding food oil.

The wooden modeling clay tools are untreated, and can be treated with regular food oil to preserve the wood.
Remember only to hand wash the wood, without soaking it. Do not use a dishwasher.

Shelf life: unopened, 1.5 year from date of manufacture- this can be found on the bottom of the product tube.

Over time the modeling clay can seem a bit more dry. This can for example be caused by the oils being "drawn" out of the clay during play, or the modeling clay has been left out a lot without the lid on. Solution: Add regular food oil from your kitchen cabinet. Add an amount which makes the clay seem a little greasy. Knead it in really well. This way you can bring life back into the modeling clay.

Salt crystals on the surface-this is caused be salt from the modeling clay. This is harmless, and will disappear as soon as you start molding the clay.

White dots- this is caused by natural preservatives. It is harmless, and will disappear when you mold the clay.