Baby Merino Wool Mittens - Many Colours

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Product Description

These mittens offer plenty of room for small hands, extra-long knitted cuffs keep them in place, and the soft drawstring makes sure that the gloves don’t get separated or lost. 

One size, Fit approx: 0-12m

Made from 100% Organic Merino Wool.

Made in Germany. 

Product Description+-

These mittens offer plenty of room for small hands, extra-long knitted cuffs keep them in place, and the soft drawstring makes sure that the gloves don’t get separated or lost. 

One size, Fit approx: 0-12m

Made from 100% Organic Merino Wool.

Made in Germany. 

About The Brand+-


Disana is a  producer of baby and children’s textiles made of natural fibres.

Founded with much love for ecology, it is still today a family-run company and has been making quality knitted garments for over 30 years. Disana's products are made in Germany, all products are manufactured at their premises and at companies in their neighbourhood.  Only selected fibres like organic wool and organic cotton are used for Disana products. As well as functionality, the main focus is always on eco-friendliness.

As a member of the International Associaton of Natural Textiles Industy (IVN) Disana is obliged to strict policies regarding the selection of raw materials and high social standards for production. Almost all products received the quality labels 'BEST' and 'GOTS'.

Disana believe in pure, unspoiled nature right from the moment they select their raw materials. Only organic cotton and organic pure new Merino wool which has been independently inspected and certified is used for Disana's products.

Disana are not only concerned about avoiding contaminants in the fibres of their thread: people’s living conditions and environmental protection in the countries where they are cultivated are also important criteria which they bear equal responsibility for, just like all the other links in the production chain. 

Product Care+-

Wool Care:

We advise you to hand wash all your Disana articles as they are made from natural, untreated wool. Machine wash at your own risk as shrinkage is possible and can even destroy items if you are not careful.

It’s best to hand wash in your bathroom’s sink. It has the right volume and an ergonomic working height. You also need a mild wool shampoo or a natural baby shampoo. Wash with Luke warm water (25 Degrees), add the wool shampoo and mixer into the water, then add the woollen item to be washed.

Heavy stains can be carefully treated with ox-gall soap before, which is well known as the natural stain remover. Slightly push the article carefully and repeat the process a few times.

Do not wring or rub it, simply push it a few times, max. 1-2 minutes, that’s all.

Take the woollen article out of the washing water and rinse it carefully with fresh water at the same temperature (also 25c, not hotter or colder). To remove the rinse water off the article, squeeze it with utmost care. Woollen articles mustn’t dry in a hanging positions they can mis shape.Dry flat on a towel or across the top of a drying rack. Re-shape whilst damp and dry out of direct sunlight and away from heaters.

Washing wool isn’t more complicated than washing your hair. Because wool is hair too - sheep hair. You do not need to pre-wash your Disana articles before the first wear since they are almost free of chemicals, they don't contain and substances that could hard your child. Wear them and feel comfortable.

It is best to wash wool as little as possible. Wool is self-cleaning. Wool fibres have an extraordinary surface that rejects dirt particles, as well as bad odors and sweat and stops them from entering the fibres. Airing is often enough to remove the dirt particles from the surface and to make the woolen article hygienically clean.


Size Guide

Disana's clothing ranges are measured by the height of the child in centimetres.  Where you see 50-56cm this recommend that the garment will best fit a child with a height in this range. Each product also has its recommended size range listed in age, alongside. Please note that the brand have changed their approximate age suggestion sizing over the years and we will have stock that states different age ranges, through the height measurement remains the same, as do our product measurements. We recommend that you stick with the measurement in height (cm) and that you follow our product measurements listed out in the product descriptions. The suggested age is only ever an approximation and my not fit your child if they are over or under the 'average' size.

Product measurements are listed in the product descriptions. If something is missing, or you need any further help, please email: and we will be happy to help you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

These are great quality. I love the string so they stay with the jacket and don't get lost.

Camilla S.
Super Cute item

Hot , soft and cute ! Cover vero well and si impossibile to lose!

Lucy W.

Love these so much!! Amazing quality.

Naomi G.

Fantastic service, communication excellent
Good delivery time
Beautiful wrapped and presented, even had a chocolate in the package!

foteini g.

Very nice design and soft for the baby. We were thinking though that it would be even better with a lining inside 😉