Organic Boiled Merino Jacket - Anthracite - 6m-5y

Organic Boiled Merino Jacket - Anthracite - 6m-5y

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Disana's boiled wool jackets are fantastic and a best seller. Light and flexible, yet very warm, windproof and dirt resistant. Use it all year round, in the coldest months with a wool sweater under. Longer at the back and with a generous cotton lined hood.
Sizes: Generous sizing, especially in the smaller sizes! However cuffs can easily be folded  over. 
Measurements are approximate, taken in centimeters and with the garment lying flat:
74/80cm: Width: 33cm Length: 33-38cm  (front and back)  Sleeve: 24cm
86/92cm: Width:36cm Length: 37-44cm (front and back)  Sleeve: 31cm
98/104cm: Width: 37cm Length: 41-46cm  (front and back)  Sleeve: 34cm
110/116cm: Width: 37cm  Length: 46-51cm  (front and back)  Sleeve: 39cm
Care: Spot wash/Hand wash or dry clean like you would your own wool coats. It is wool and does not need much washing. 

This is a general height (centimeters) to age conversion chart. Please note this does not ring true for all brands.

For the actual measurements of a garment please check the full product description, in the 'About' tab.

If you have any doubt please get in touch by email.

Here is a breakdown of the European sizes:

Height (cm) Age        
50 - 56 newborn - 1 month
62 - 68 3 - 6 months
74 - 80 9-12 months
86 - 92 18 - 36 months
92  18 - 36 months
104 3 - 4 years
116 5 - 6 years

7 - 8 years



Disana believes in pure and natural right from the moment they select their raw materials. Only organic cotton and organic pure new Merino wool, which has been independently inspected and certified is used by Disana. Made in Germany. *Disana items are priced according to size*.

Wool needs a little extra care when washing! However it is not a fibre like cotton, it repels dirt and is self cleaning and does not need to be washed as often as cotton. Ideally wash it as little as possible. Often hanging it outsides spraying it with a little mist for a day will freshen it up. It can be worn many times without washing and you can spot wash it if something has been spilled on it. It sounds strange but it works!

Care - Untreated wool brands: Engel, Selana and Cosilana are made of untreated merino wool which ideally needs hand washing. Wash very gently by hand in water that must stay the same cool temperature both for washing and rinsing. Changing temperature can shock the wool and shrink it. You should use a special soap for wool or shampoo. Stretch the wool into shape when wet, and pull lengthwise and lay flat to dry. 

Many people, including us wash untreated wool on a gentle cold machine washing on a wool or hand wash program. This is at your own risk and you need to be sure your machine actually washes and rinses at the stated temperature, and it is very important to use a wool detergent! If you are planning to wash it in the machine it may shrink a bit length wise, to prevent this happening stretch it lengthwise when it comes out of the machine and perhaps buy a bigger size than otherwise. If you use the machine to spin items, the revolutions must be below 400.

Stretch the wool into shape when wet and dry flat. Never wring it! Especially wool fleece can be destroyed by wringing!

We recommend washing all wool fleece by hand, gentle, no rubbing, squeezing or wringing. lay it flat on a towel to dry. Again often spraying a little water mist on it and having it out will help it self clean. 

Treated wool brands: Joha, Fub, Celavi, Misha and Puff can be washed on a cold wool program in the machine without any risk! Please use a wool detergent! Reshape and dry flat for the knitwear!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Really nice soft jacket, size runs big but easily adjustable by folding. No lining though so something that could be improved next season

Best coat

Beautiful colour and great quality. Keeps our babe so warm. Sized up and great to know he will get a few winters out of it!! Easy to roll sleeves and nice to have the extra length.

Love this Jacket

Jacket is well tailored and fashionable. It feels sturdy and durable for a kid that likes to play outside. My 3 year old daughter loves her jacket!


Organic Boiled Merino Jacket - Curry - 6m-5y

Beautiful coat

Beautifully made coat, good size and can see my little boy wearing it for at least the next year so completely worth the money, gorgeous bright colour too!

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