Merino Wool & Silk Extensions For Engel Bodies- Set Of 3 - Grey

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Product Description

These Extenders for Bodies from Engel are perfect for your growing child. 
Helping you keep a good fitting body going for longer, when your little one grows a bit taller.

Set of 3

Made from 30% Silk and 70% Wool, GOTS certified

Made in Germany

Product Description+-

These Extenders for Bodies from Engel are perfect for your growing child. 
Helping you keep a good fitting body going for longer, when your little one grows a bit taller.

Set of 3

Made from 30% Silk and 70% Wool, GOTS certified

Made in Germany

About The Brand+-


Engel is one of the original champions of untreated organic merino wool clothes. The wool comes from Merino sheep kept in their natural environment, organically farmed and therefore living a healthy and stress-free life. The usage of pesticides is forbidden both on pastures and on animals. All of Engel’s products are organic (GOTS certfied) and produced in Germany. All the dyestuffs used are free from heavy metals and free from harmful AZO-dyes.

The brands philosophy, which they have pursued from the start, is to provide their customers with high-quality, ecologically compatible, feel-good products which can be bought with a clear conscience and out of conviction.
Renewable raw materials are used and Engel make sure that the finished garments contain no pollutants. They also avoid completely, the use of substances that are harmful to health or the environment during the entire garment production process. Waste is avoided wherever possible.

Engel are committed to fair, safe employment for a fair wage, not only in our own company but throughout all the production stages.

Product Care+-

You don’t need to wash Engel products before wearing them for the first time. After the knitting process, all fabrics are washed to rinse out any excess dye residues, in the first place, and secondly to remove knitting oils and dirt.

Engel recommend that you wash their wool and wool/silk fabrics as little as possible. Wool regenerates in oxygen-rich air of its own accord and so it can also just be well-aired.

Wool Fleece
Only hand-wash fleece, even if the brand label suggest machine washing. Please look below for hand-washing advice on how to wash your fleece.

Wool & Wool/Silk
Washing by hand is recommended or possibly machine washing if you trust your machine to keep the same wash and rinse temperature throughout. In any case, you should use a wool detergent because these do not contain any enzymes (protease) and are pH-neutral. This is essential for your washing machine’s wool programme. However, a gentle baby shampoo can also sometimes be a good substitute when it comes to a quick hand-wash.

Engel recommends hand washing. We do wash our wool in the machine on a cold deliciate/wool wash with very little spinning. The key is to keep the temperature the same and to pull the leggings back into shape when they come out of the wash, otherwise the legs will become shorter. Don't wring them, just pull each leg to stretch the fibres and prevent shrinking. For more on care please look at the care section!

Briefly swirl around a little in plenty of luke-warm water, squeezing gently, using a mild detergent specially designed for wool, then rinse in water of the same temperature. Do not put in the tumble drier or on radiators as this will make the wool hard, brittle and felted. We recommend squeezing (not wringing) the products in a towel after rinsing, pulling them into shape while wet and drying them flat.

DO NOT: Rub, wring out or spin, expose to changes in temperature (first warm water then cold, or vice versa). Do not soak.

You can machine-wash all Engel cotton products at 40 °C. Do not use detergents containing optical brighteners, as the colours may fade or change. Apart from this, the whitening agents that build up on the fibre are said to have a harmful effect on contact with skin. In addition, they are not easily biodegradable. A mild or colour detergent is better for the skin and the environment.

Only if your machine has previously been tested to handle natural, untreated wools.

Select the Wool Wash/Hand Wash programme. “Cold” or max. 30 °C in the machine. This will keep your wool garments soft, elastic and absorbent. With machine-washing too, it is very important that the temperature is the same for both washing and rinsing and that you check that a low spin speed is either part of the programme or can be set manually – max. 400-500 rpm. You should also use a wool-wash detergent for machine-washing, as silk and wool are protein fibres which should basically be cared for with products in the slightly acid pH range (below 7 pH value). These products do not remove the natural oil and protect the fibres at the same time.

Size Guide

The Baby's and Kid's sizes always refer to their body heights in centimetres. This means items in size 50/56 are suitable for babies with a maximum body height of 56 cm. The adults sizing refer to the standard European size tables.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

not working with other articles of clothing because the snaps are too small for the standard size.

Jennifer-rose M.
Vest extenders-best invention!

Vest extenders are just perfect for getting that extra bit of wear out of clothes. These match perfectly to our engel vest (engel use a different popper/snap fastener size)

Brilliant - simple yet incredibly effective

I love dressing my baby in the Engel bodies. Such a lovely fabric. So I was a little heartbroken when she started to outgrow them. In come the extensions: brilliant. I will get a few more months from them simply by extending the length of the torso. The sleeves and body still fit beautifully. Thank you, Engel, for such a thoughtful product design... allowing me to extend the life of my current bodies instead of having to buy new ones.