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The story of Fluffwear started from a growing awareness of harmful toxins and chemicals within her environment, when founder Parisa had her baby son. This awareness of the monumental damage fast fashion causes to our planet and the exploitation of the world’s poorest has so many devastating layers, from the chemicals used to process fabrics and dyes running into water sources to large corporations bankrupting local farmers. The founder wanted to knit as much of her own clothing for her son so that she knew exactly what was on his skin. Her partner found local suppliers of wool and mineral based dyes. The small scale family production grew into what Fluffwear is today. Parisa sees the process through from start to finish and the result is a totally unique and beautiful product that is made to last forever. 

She designs her pieces with with traditional practice and modern aesthetic in mind. The wool is first hand dyed and then this special yarn is hand knitted. The  processes takes place in Sweden with the help of a small team of knitters in Northern and Eastern Europe.