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Choosing a Baby Wool Sleeping Bag

Baby Sleeping Bags

Merino wool is absolutely the  best material for your baby to sleep in, and a soft sleeping bag is a safe and easy to use option. Soft and cocooning, the bag will create a micro climate around your baby and keep them warm, dry and comfortable - the ideal conditions for a good nights sleep. We have lots available here at Mamaowl and this post gives a few pointers to help you choose. Don't forget you can always email us if you need any further help also. Check out our detailed post on wool and sleep here

How do I choose?

Choosing a wool sleeping bag for your baby will come down to a couple of factors, the most important is the temperature of the room that your baby is sleeping in and the height of your little one. We have put together a table at the bottom of this page with suggestions according to room temperature.

Most of us are familiar with the TOG rating as we buy our duvets using this number. A sleeping bag with a higher TOG rating will provide more warmth than one with a lower TOG rating. Most of our brands do not provide a TOG rating, however some like Reiff do, check their product descriptions for the tog rating. Those that don't have an official TOG rating have been categorised by room temperature so that you know what temperatures they are best suited for.

We suggest choosing the size of your sleeping bag based on the height of your baby or child. For eg: 0-3m (50-56cm) means that this item is suitable for children between 50 and 56 centimeters tall. We recommend not to size up when buying sleeping bags as you don't want too much excess material.

 MamaOwl Reiff Organic Wool Cotton Fleece Lined Sleeping Bag For Babies

Sleeves or No Sleeves

Most of our sleeping bags are sleeveless. The most important think to understand, is to keep your babies core warm. This will help them to regulate their body temperature.

Sleeves are largely a personal preference, however we do recommend them for very cold rooms and if your baby regularly sleeps outside. They are also great for extra warmth for very small babies who need a little extra help to regulate their temperature. We have a premature sleeping bag here.

In a warm room and in the warmer season a sleeveless sleeping bag is perfect.

MamaOwl Lilano Organic Wool Terry Wrap stripe Sleeping Bag For Babies

Fleece, Terry, Boiled or Classic Knit?

We have a wide selection of wool sleeping bags at MamaOwl, suitable for the different seasons and temperatures. The different materials each have their own unique properties, although as it’s all Organic Merino Wool you can't go that wrong and it mostly just comes down to personal preference.

Wool Fleece is soft, lofty and light. Like being wrapped in a cosy cloud. The longer fibres provide great insulation, trapping the warm air in, to keep a great temperature overall.

Wool Terry is fairly lightweight and flexible but also deceptively insulating. The tiny loops of wool, all over the material, trap warm air amongst them, keeping the body nice and cosy.

Boiled Wool is a heavier weight material, a little more dense than the others and its perfect for those with draughty rooms or cooler environments as a breeze will not pass through the material to chill your sleeping baby.

Classic Wool Knit provides a great all round level of warmth and cosiness. Soft and flexible and easy for everyday use.

Cotton Lined These wool sleeping bags with a layer of cotton lining on the inside are among our thickest and warmest. The cotton layer is great for those who are a little more sensitive to wool against the skin but without losing all the benefits of sleeping in wool.

Dress Well For a Good Night's Sleep

As with the sleeping bag there is no definite answer, start with one layer and add layers if your baby has cold feet or seems unsettled. Similarly take layers away if your baby seems too hot during the night. (If they appear sweaty or flushed).

The easiest way to tell if your baby is keeping a comfortable temperature is to check their chest, tummy or their back. They should feel warm. Do not worry if their hands are slightly cooler, this is normal, however their feet should be nice and warm. Another quick check is to touch the nape of their neck. If they are either cold or sweaty, then you should either adjust the temperature in the room, or the layers that they are wearing.

In the summer months a body under the sleeping bag may be enough and in the winter a merino pyjama/romper is perfect. Add socks to make sure your babies feet stay warm if the romper has no feet. Check from day to day to see how your baby sleeps and adjust layers the next evening.

MamaOwl Reiff Organic wool and Cotton Fleece Lined Long Sleeved Sleeping Bag for Babies  

Room Temperature  WARM  AVERAGE  COLD
Temp. in Celsius  21-24C  16-20C  <16C
Temp. in Fahrenheit  69-74F  61-68F  <61F
Recommended TOG Rating  1.7  2.5  3.5
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By Anna K