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Merino wool for a winter baby!

What your little winter baby needs!


There is nothing like a snug warm baby wrapped in soft wool clothes! Many people ask us for advice on what to buy a little winter baby and as I had a January newborn myself, I feel well-placed to give advice. We have also put together a few little outfits for inspiration!

Babies under 12 months lack the ability to temperature regulate – and that's why wool is perfect for them. Wool helps regulate your temperature. It keeps you warm in cool temperatures and it keeps you cool in warm temperatures. Research shows that premature babies who sleept in wool put on weight faster than babies sleeping in cotton. Also, many parents report their babies sleep better in wool!


Baby blanket: Disana Dungarees: Selana Body: Engel Hat: Huttelihut Tights: Grodo 


Essentials for the winter baby:

- 3 bodies to use as underwear. Merino wool or merino wool/silk. We believe that all children should wear a merino wool underwear in the colder months, it’s the key to keeping them warm and comfortable!! Put a cotton body or T-shirt on top to keep it clean. Use one and air/wash the others.
- A pair of thick socks to keep the little feet warm.
- A blanket - The Disana blankets are a bestseller in 7 different colours!
- Cardigan/Sweater
- 1 or 2 bonnets or hats. wool or wool/silk or alpaca. Essential for babies that loose a lot of heat from their heads.
- Something to sleep in! A merino pyjamas, swaddle or sleeping bag.


Blanket: Esencia Baby romper: Serendipity Booties Misha and Puff Hat: Misha and Puff


Beautiful extras for the winter baby:

- 2 pairs of leggings or tights. For small babies tights are perfect, they keep them warm, they stay put and you don't have to worry about loosing socks!
- Wool snuggle suit. Fleece wool suit from Cosilana or Engel, not only practical at keeping the baby warm in a car seat, pram or sling, but it also makes them soft and cuddly!
- Disana snugglesuit for the older baby crawling about, it's sturdy and will keep them dry when crawling in wet grass!
- Little tank top to easily add a layer.
- Cute knitted hats
- Practical wool dungarees, keeps legs and the tummy warm! 

And remember: Wool is not a fibre like cotton and it is not necessary to wash it often (unless of course your baby poops or spits up on it...)



Blanket: Disana Dungarees: FUB Bonnet: My World Kids Socks: Grodo Teether: Grimm's