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Why We Love Merino Thermals

Why We Love Wool Thermals

“Lie on the bridge and watch the water flowing past. Or run, or wade through the swamp in your red boots. Or roll yourself up and listen to the rain falling on the roof. It's very easy to enjoy yourself.” Tove Jansson, Moominvalley in November

In the autumn, when the leaves begin to redden and fall and the mornings turn from balmy to cool and crisp with bright skies, I love to go outside on adventures with my boys - it's my favourite season. As it gets colder I’m always surprised to find the parks here in the UK go more and more quiet. Growing up in Denmark, we’d play outside whatever the weather, and my own children think nothing of the cold - because  they are dressed in soft, light, breathable layers of wool that make it so easy still to move, run around and play.

People always ask what is the warmest jackets or sweaters we sell - but the true warmth comes from inside. When you have wool next to the skin you don't need as many layers. 

1. Merino is wonderful to wear

Putting on a merino wool thermal or base layer feels like a warm hug. Merino is incredibly flexible and feel so soft and gentle against the skin. Merino thermals are woven to be naturally stretchy so they move with the body, making them perfect if you’re active but also really comfortable if you want to relax. Merino wool is also extraordinarily fine, and bends softly against the skin so it doesn’t itch.

2. Merino is breathable and naturally temperature regulating

This means they help to keep you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. When it’s hot, merino wool absorbs your body’s moisture so it evaporates outside the fabric to help you to cool down. When it’s cold, the moisture vapour condenses inside the fabric, giving off heat to keep you warm.

2. Merino stays warm when wet

Merino wool can absorb and retain up to 30% of its own weight in moisture but still feel dry to the touch. But if it does get warm it stays warm, unlike cotton that gets cold and clammy. 

3. Merino needs less washing

Merino wool naturally repels dirt and regenerates by airing. You can find tips for washing wool here. The Italian National Research Council has found that a typical 5kg wash of polyester garments releases about 6 million microfibres into the water system – which is another reason to choose wool rather than synthetic thermals.

4. Merino is quick drying and don’t crease

Merino is a fine fabric that releases water quickly so you’ll find it dries faster than most of your other washing. Merino’s stretchy woven structure also means it’s extremely wrinkle resistant.

5. Merino is moisture-wicking and antibacterial

Because wool so effectively manages moisture, the bacteria that cause odours don’t have the damp environment they need to thrive. This means your merino thermals will stay smelling fresher for longer. Wool also contains lanolin which helps to prevent bacteria from forming.

6. Merino is natural, renewable, biodegradable and traceable

Most of the merino in our range here at MamaOwl is organic and we make sure all our wool is produced sustainably and with a low environmental impact. All our wool comes from guaranteed non-mulesed sheep.

7. Our merino wool thermals are made to last

Our merino wool separates are stretchy and designed to last through the seasons and to be handed down. We were impressed to learn that merino wool is six times stronger than cotton. Our SISKIN and Engel merino wool separates are generous Scandi sizes, so we suggest buying the right size for your child’s height / age, which will still allow room for growth.

8. Merino is perfect for sleep

We always get asked for pyjamas, but pair one of our tops with a bottom for a great pyjamas. It’s been proven that babies, children and adults sleep better in wool, something I’ve discovered for myself and my children first-hand. You can find out more about about sleeping in wool here. All our merino separates and sets can be worn as thermals, pyjamas or alone.

9. Our merino thermals are more than just underwear

All our SISKIN wool separates and the thermals we have from merino brands such as Engel, Disana, JOHA, Cosilana and Lilli & Leopold – are designed to be worn either as an insulating thermal base layer on cold days or on their own when it’s warmer.

10. A word about wool and silk blends

Merino and silk blends also work beautifully for thermal underwear. Like wool, silk helps the body with thermo-regulation and it can be cared for and washed in the same way as pure merino - it also adds strength.

You can shop our merino thermals for babies here, for kids here and for adults here.

Find out more about SISKIN, our new wool and cotton brand here or come and join the conversation over on Facebook in the MamaOwl Wool Lovers group.