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Behind the Brand: Ylur

Ylur, founded in 2013 in Iceland, is a children's clothing brand producing exclusive handcraft, based on old Icelandic traditions. 

Ylur is a new design brand to be found in the Mamaowl this season. What attracted me to the brand was a combination of the nostalgic delicate, yet modern design and the gorgeous quality. Ylur means warmth and comfort in Icelandic, a perfect name for a brand who offers beautiful hand knitted garments in silky-smooth Alpaca wool.

Mamaowl met with the designer to find out a bit more...

Tell us about yourself? My name is Fanney Svansdóttir, I am 26 years old and I live in Selfoss, Iceland together with my husband Arnar and our two children; Aron Elí, 6 years old and Rán, 3 years old. I have a BA degree in social work from the university of Iceland - although I always wanted to study fashion design.

At what age did you start knitting? I learned the basics when I was a young girl from my mother and grandmother who are both very talented knitters. But I started to knit with a purpose at the age of 23, just after I had my daughter.

Can you share a little bit of the design- and manufacturing process? The designing process, for me, has always been the most exciting part. Usually when get an idea for something new I start expanding that idea by hand knitting, sometimes I even try to create new knitting patterns. Then, if I like what I see, I knit a complete garment to see how it looks and if the result pleases me I hand it over to Arnar. He operates the manual knitting machine and he has to figure out how to recreate what I just made. This can sometimes prove tricky, since knitting machines have some limitations when compared to hand knitting. But usually we find a way to make it work and then we can test the garment out by having our children use it. In the end we want to have a high quality product that meets our standards for usability and appearance.

Where do you source your inspiration from? I get a lot of inspiration from the colours of nature. I love beautiful sunrises and sunsets. I have been working for almost a month now out of a small town in east Iceland called Borgarfjördur eystri and have sourced a lot of inspiration from the beautiful mountains and the sea. I also get inspired by playing with my kids and often ask them for their opinion on my work.

What does the term 'Slow Fashion' mean to you? It means everything to me. I try to follow the guidelines of the Slow Fashion movement in my work. I want to create beautiful things from natural materials that do not have a harmful effect on Mother Nature. I want to create quality sustainable clothing that can be passed on to other generations, clothing that I would choose for my own children to use over and over again.

I think our customers are people who are interested in long lasting, quality products. People who want to know more about the origin of the product, where the materials come from and how they are processed. Here in Iceland we have the know-how to make almost anything from the materials that we have had at our disposal for centuries and at the moment that is something that is in high demand.

Why did you choose to work with alpaca wool? I first got interested in alpaca wool because of its softness. After doing some research I found that the alpaca wool is not only soft, durable and silky, but it's also warm and it has no lanolin which makes it great for sensitive skin. Alpaca is, in my opinion, the perfect material for children's clothing.

Fanney at work in her studio in Selfoss, Iceland. 

We are thrilled to be stocking Ylur for Autumn Winter 2016, with a range of children's clothing in sizes from newborn up to 5 years (although keep in mind it comes up big!). Each Ylur garment is lovingly handmade in Iceland in the softest alpaca wool, providing warmth and comfort on a chilly winter day. 

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