Engel organic wool top for kids cherry red LAST ONE 9-10y


  • £12.00

*These are being discontinued by Engel! Just a few sizes left: 1-2y and 9-10y. 


Beautifully organic merino wool tops. Thinly woven and soft with thin white lines for a very classic look. They are perfect as an inner layer to keep your little one warm. Or they can be used as a warm layer instead of a big chunky sweater! Available for baby’s and kids in navy blue or cherry red. 


Size: Please note these come up small! Order a size bigger if you are in doubt! Also if you machine wash these on a wool cycle they are likely to shrink a bit in the length! These come in sizes from 62/68 (3-6 months) to 128 (7-8 years).  For more on sizes and care please look at care section!


All of Engel’s products are organic (GOTS certfied) and produced in Germany. All the dyestuffs used are free from heavy metals and free from harmful AZO-dyes. 


Sizes are given in cm according to your child's height. To choose a size measure your child! If you have any doubt please get in touch and I can measure the item for you! 

Here are a breakdown of sizes:


Height (cm)
50 - 56 newborn - 1 month
62 - 68 3 - 6 months
74 - 80 9-12 months
86 - 92 18 - 36 months
92  18 - 36 months
104 3 - 4 years
116 5 - 6 years
128 7 - 8 years

Wool needs a little extra care when washing! It is not a fibre like cotton, it repels dirt and is self cleaning and does not need to be washed as often as cotton. Often hanging it outsides for a day will freshen it up. You only really need to wash it if something has been spilled on it. It sounds strange but it works!

Untreated wool brands: Engel, and Cosilana Untreated merino wool needs hand washing or gentle cold machine washing on a wool program. It is very important to use a wool detergent! If you are planning to wash it in the machine it may shrink a bit length wise, so you may want to buy a bigger size than otherwise. Stretch the wool into shape after washing and dry flat. Never wring it! Especially wool fleece can be destroyed by wringing!

I recommend washing all wool fleece by hand.

Treated wool: Joha, Fub, Celavi, Misha and Puff can be washed on a cold wool program in the machine without any shrinkage! Please use a wool detergent! Reshape and dry flat for the knitwear!



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